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At Euthanasia4Pets, we understand the depth of love between you and your pet. Serving South Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, we offer exclusive in-home euthanasia services, ensuring your pet's final moments are peaceful, dignified, and surrounded by love. Our dedicated team is here for you 24/7, providing comfort and care when you need it most.

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Our mission is to offer a serene farewell to your cherished companion in the comfort of your home. We're the only service in the region offering a complete suite of in-home euthanasia services, including gentle sedation, compassionate euthanasia, pet removal, and cremation. Each step is carried out with the utmost respect and care, ensuring a peaceful transition for your beloved pet.

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Understanding the need for flexibility and personal choice during this difficult time, we offer several packages:

  • Platinum Package: Includes in-home euthanasia, communal cremation, and a personalized keepsake.
  • Titanium Package: Offers everything in the Platinum package, plus private cremation and a premium urn.
  • Diamond Package: Our most comprehensive package, including private cremation, custom keepsakes, and return of the ashes to your home.

All packages are designed to provide peace, comfort, and closure, with additional services available to meet your specific needs.


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For our veterinary partners, providing a reference or case number is optional but can aid in your tracking process. Note that while the pet's name will always be printed on the package label, any additional information entered in this field, such as the pet owner's name or your internal case number, will also be included on the label.


We offer multiple packages with varying costs based on our agreement. While the package names remain consistent, the prices differ. For detailed pricing information, please reference the agreement provided to you by Angel Paws USA.


Removal Service: Please be advised that the standard removal time is 1-3 hours. If there are any deviations from this timeframe, Angel Paws USA will promptly contact you to update the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Package Upgrades at Angel Paws USA

Note: The items listed below are additional options available for enhancing the package you've already chosen


Our urn selection for you pet offers a range of options to honor your beloved companion.


Please note that witnessing the cremation or aquamation process isn't possible due to insurance policy constraints. PRICE: $99.99


PRICE: $29.99


PRICE: $29.99


PRICE: $12.99


PRICE: $12.99


PRICE: $7.99


PRICE: $19.99


PRICE: $49.99


PRICE: $14.99


PRICES: PET NAME ONLY: Wood Urn $14.99 Metal Urn $24.99 CUSTOM MESSAGE: Wood Urn $19.99 Metal Urn $39.99


Angel Paws USA Services Terms Agreement 1. OWNER CERTIFICATION Ownership: I hereby certify that I am the owner or the authorized agent of the deceased pet. Disposition Rights: I confirm that I possess the legal right to control the disposition of the remains of the mentioned Decedent Pet. 2. SERVICE AUTHORIZATION General: I/We grant full permission to Angel Paws USA for executing all required actions pertinent to the pet funeral services. This encompasses transportation, cremation, and any other services in line with the specifics of the selected package. Cremation: In the event of selecting the Cremation Service, I expressly authorize the removal and cremation of the pet. Euthanasia: Should the Euthanasia service be chosen, I grant permission for the euthanasia procedure, followed by the removal and cremation of the pet. Burial: For Burial services, I authorize the removal and subsequent burial of the pet. Autopsy/Necropsy: If opting for an autopsy or necropsy, I authorize a post-mortem evaluation of the Decedent Pet. 3. TRANSPORTATION & DOCUMENTATION General Transport: I permit Angel Paws USA, in conjunction with their partners, to oversee or aid in transporting the remains, be it to/from my home, an autopsy facility, or a crematory. Documentation: I commit to furnishing or aiding Angel Paws USA and their partners in obtaining any vital documentation to thoroughly probe the cause of death. 4. PARTNERS PROGRAM AUTHORIZATION For associated Partners Program services, I authorize either cremation and/or removal as needed. 5. RABIES EXPOSURE DECLARATION Exposure Status: To my best knowledge, the pet hasn't bitten, scratched, or possibly exposed any individual or entity to rabies within the preceding ten (10) days. Rabies Test: Should the pet have bitten or might have exposed someone within the stipulated timeframe, I comprehend that a rabies test is imperative. 6. EUTHANASIA AWARENESS Understanding: I recognize euthanasia as a humane act of concluding an animal's life to mitigate unnecessary distress. Accuracy: All information furnished by me is precise and thorough. Immediate Execution: Post this agreement's endorsement I am aware that my expressed desires may be instantaneously executed. 7. TRANSPORTATION & VEHICLE SELECTION General Understanding: I/We recognize that when my pet is being transported from the pick-up spot to Angel Paws USA's facilities, the company has the discretion to choose the vehicle type. This selection might range from cars, vans, SUVs to pickups based on various logistical needs, notably the pet's size and weight. It's clear that I/we, as the owner, have no authority over the vehicle choice. Multiple Pet Transport: I/We are aware that Angel Paws USA might transport several pets simultaneously to optimize efficiency. However, I/We are assured that every pet is treated with dignity and care throughout the transportation process Promptness Commitment: Angel Paws USA pledges to reach the pick-up spot within an estimated span of 1-3 hours, underlining their dedication to providing timely and compassionate services during such trying times for pet owners. 8. VARIABLE RESPONSE TIME General Understanding: I/We comprehend that the duration taken for removals can fluctuate due to reasons like call volumes and other unforeseen situations. Even though promptness is a priority, there are instances where the wait might exceed the usual 1-3 hours. Refund Policy: If the delay remains within a 12-hour window, no refunds will be initiated. 9. Crematory Selection: Role Clarity: I/We understand that Angel Paws USA operates as a pet funeral service and consequently holds the authority to select the crematory for my pet. Quality Assurance: Every chosen crematory undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure they adhere to Angel Paws USA's standards of care. The company's commitment is to partner with the region's best crematories, ensuring top-notch services. 10. PAYMENT AGREEMENT & TERMS DISCLOSURE: Cremation Services Payment Process: Initial Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required upon completing this form. Balance Payment: The remaining amount, including any additional selections, is charged automatically post removal. Payment Delays: If the payment isn't processed, a $50 fee will be added if not settled within 24 hours. Post 48 hours without payment, communal cremation is executed without any refunds. Additional Fees: Pets weighing between 79-150 Lbs: $79.99 Holiday Surcharge: $49.99 Incorrect Address Fee: $19.99 Late Night Removal (9 PM - 6 AM): $19.99 Euthanasia Services Payment Process: Initial Deposit: An upfront non-refundable fee of $350 is mandatory upon form completion. Balance Payment: The rest of the amount is charged automatically once the attending doctor arrives. Failed Payments: Service may be halted if the charge fails. Additional Fees: Pets over 79 Lbs up to 150 Lbs: $79.99 Same Day Service Fee: $150.00 Weekend Charges: $100.00 Holiday Surcharge: $150.00 Incorrect Address Fee: $19.99 Late Night Service (8 PM - 6 AM, excluding Same Day Fee): $1200 If no doctor is available on your area additional fee will apply for travel and distance. Client will be notify at time of booking. Necropsy/Autopsy Services Payment Details: Upfront Payment: This includes transport, detailed examination, in-house testing, consultation with a certified veterinary pathologist, and a private cremation. Advanced Testing: If the attending physician suggests advanced testing, costs are discussed before sending to external labs. Separate billing may occur for this testing type. Reporting: Preliminary Report: Delivered via phone within 48 hours post gross examination. Final Report: Completed in 10-12 business days. Delays may arise due to special testing, with updates provided through email. Partners Program: Your charges are based on the provided pricing agreement. 11. PACKAGE DETAILS & TIMELINES Package Contents: Angel Paws USA maintains the right to modify package components. Though we aim to deliver items as mentioned in our packages, circumstances may lead to the replacement or alteration of items, especially if they aren't available. Estimated Package Ready Time: Typically, packages are prepared within a span of 7-10 business days, not counting weekends or public holidays. This is an approximation, not a strict deadline. Unclaimed Packages: Post 15 days of readiness, a storage charge of $50 is incurred. If the package isn't claimed within 30 days of notification, it'll be discarded, with no reimbursements. 12. DISPUTE RESOLUTION Initial Resolution Steps: For any disagreements linked to this agreement, both parties should first attempt a solution through sincere discussions. Mediation: If a solution isn't reached within a month, mediation can be initiated by either party through written communication. A mediator is mutually chosen by the parties. If a consensus isn't reached, services from a well-known mediation organization will be sought. The mediation follows the rules set by the chosen mediation body. Legal Action: If mediation fails, the next step would be legal action. Such actions will be exclusively subject to the courts of [insert jurisdiction name]. Both parties agree to the jurisdiction of the [insert jurisdiction name] courts, renouncing any venue objections. 13. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY Client Data Protection: Angel Paws USA is dedicated to upholding the confidentiality of all customer details. This encompasses, but isn't restricted to, personal contact data, medical archives, and specifics related to the services provided. Use and Disclosure: Client data is exclusively for the facilitation of the services requested. No third-party disclosure will occur unless the client explicitly agrees or it becomes a legal necessity. 14. AGREEMENT TERMS & JURISDICTION Governing Principles: This Agreement adheres to and is interpreted in alignment with the laws of the State of Florida, overlooking any conflict of law rules. Complete Agreement: This document embodies the full accord between the involved Parties, overriding any previous agreements, interpretations, or assertions. 15. CONTACT & COMMUNICATION Queries and Concerns: For all inquiries, issues, or correspondences related to this Agreement or the services of Angel Paws USA, please reach out to: Email: info@angelpawsusa.com 16. RELEASE, CERTIFICATION & LIABILITY Liability Release: I/We agree to release and safeguard the removal personnel, crematory, agents, and employees of Angel Paws USA from any claims, liabilities, costs, or expenses. Liability Cap: Angel Paws USA's liability for any negligent actions is limited to a reimbursement of $50. Certification: All statements and information provided in this form are confirmed to be accurate and truthful. I/We have read and understood this document in its entirety. Acknowledgment: By signing, expressing agreement, or submitting this Agreement, all Parties acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the outlined terms and conditions. The Parties understand that any deposit made is non-refundable, and disputes will be addressed as outlined in the previously mentioned Dispute Resolution section.

Angel Paws USA Services Terms Agreement